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Digital Banking Transformation

Essentials to a successful upgrade The growth of internet-based digital financial services called fintechs that specialize in various traditional bank services and solutions are the latest client engagements that are sending traditional banks into a frenzy of going digital in hopes of halting an imminent switching in customer base loyalties. But there is more to

Digital Currency Custody Solutions On The Rise

The ability to deliver for an unabated optimal customer experience The recent year 2020 gave time for many to look for alternative means to increase their financial inflows and revenues upon the strike of the pandemic. Every individual, institution, and economy hurriedly turned to the digital space to see what’s in store for them as

What Are Hash Functions?

Offense wins games, defense wins championships Through the ages, life and property were subject to different kinds of attacks on all sides from all elements. Defense went under many different kinds of terms and definitions. As strategies of attacks diversified to pin down a prey, so was defense and counterattacks went to their own extent.

Factors Affecting the Value of a Cryptocurrency

What drives value? 12 years ago, the world knew nothing about cryptocurrencies. When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, came about in 2009, Mr. Warren Buffett dismissed it as absolutely without any value. But in so short a time, cryptocurrencies are gaining much headway in the financial landscape, sending big-named institutional investors such as PayPal and Microstrategy

What is Coin Burning in Cryptocurrency?

An effective way to coin value retention Our world today measures the value of an asset according to its scarcity, the difficulty and cost of obtaining such asset, and the utility it espouses. Gold, silver, oil, gas, and real estate are prime examples of highly valued physical assets whose market prices are generally on the

Bubbles In Cryto Trading

is it ripe for one? The world as we know it is largely dominated by the rule of the fiat. Whether pegged on gold or oil and gas, economies live and die by the value of the fiat. The mighty US dollar served as a benchmark of all the world’s fiat currencies in relation to

The Role Of Confirmations On The Block

The blockchain technology that brought about the existence of Bitcoin and subsequent cryptocurrencies opened up the world to a new kind of digital disruptions ranging from information to industry and the looking at the whole financial landscape with a new eye and a new perspective. Along with it came new processes aiming to simplify further

What is Bid Price VS. Ask Price in Crypto?

High volatility can cause bidding wars The cryptocurrency trading market can be as busy as the other financial markets such as stocks, forex, futures, and options. But all have similar actions when it comes to trading and real-time updating of prices upon the opening of markets. The two most important price information update providers are

Bear Flag Patterns In Crypto

Easy to spot with a trained eye but complex to a novice Spotting the right trend to an advantage is what defines making it big in trading. But whether these trends are bullish or bearish, it is a challenge to ride on rightly on the developing patterns. Sometimes corrections will occur to allow more investors

What Is A 51% Attack?

Investing in security is one of the most expensive investments an entity can do if it hopes to sustain its operations. If not, a brilliant idea of preventing any form of criminality to manifest and victimize a target may be enough for perpetrators to discontinue their sinister plan which, in the end, will only be