Month: March 2021

What Is Oversold?

Alert where the asset is traversing Not signal to buy The term Oversold is used whenever an asset such as Bitcoin is being traded at a price lower than its real value and has the potential for a price bounce. The condition of an oversold asset may last for some time so that a price

Cashless and Anonymous

Is our privacy really protected by going offline and digital? Back when wallets were then filled with bills and notes that we call cash, now people go around with nary a bunch of that. Instead, it has been replaced with loads of plastics that we call ATM cards – credit cards, debit cards, shopping cards

Data Banking and Self-Sovereign Finances

How much is our data actually worth? There was a time when people move together physically with their wealth. But since safety was often compromised, banks began to emerge guaranteeing security in wealth storage and issuing receipts and banknotes that owners carry around to transact with. Banks as wealth protectors that owners trust faded away

Regulating DeFi

Is regulation good for decentralized finance? At the strike of the pandemic, investors were at a quandary as to where to hedge and protect their investments from dwindling stock values. Then what we saw was the spiking of cryptocurrencies never before seen in the nascent asset class. Institutional investors like Microstrategy, Paypal, Mastercard, and Tesla

Digital Banking Transformation

Essentials to a successful upgrade The growth of internet-based digital financial services called fintechs that specialize in various traditional bank services and solutions are the latest client engagements that are sending traditional banks into a frenzy of going digital in hopes of halting an imminent switching in customer base loyalties. But there is more to