Month: December 2020

What Is A 51% Attack?

Investing in security is one of the most expensive investments an entity can do if it hopes to sustain its operations. If not, a brilliant idea of preventing any form of criminality to manifest and victimize a target may be enough for perpetrators to discontinue their sinister plan which, in the end, will only be

How Are Whales Affecting The Crypto Market?

The volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market are influenced by various factors that make it a well-known wild west of swings of gradual growth, sudden rate drops, and a lot of unexpected changes. While many accumulate a great deal of wealth profiting from chart movements, many also incurred huge losses from this unpredictable asset

Some Facts Behind Centralized Ledgers and Distributed Ledgers

and when blockchains are ledgers and ledgers are not blockchains The recent development of blockchain led to many terms that depict its uses in many cases. Intertwining words can sometimes sow confusion between centralized and decentralized ledgers, or between distributed and distributed yet centralized systems. So, let us tackle first, ledgers A ledger is simply

Choosing Between Stop Losses and Mental Stop Losses In Cryptocurrency Trading

Time and money are of the essence You must have known by now that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Prices can change in the blink of an eye and sensitive to headline news that any time a legacy entity of influence invests in digital assets, for example, expect a price movement. As in other

The Role Of Governance In Bitcoin And Crypto Pricing

Can a centralized entity regulation affect the price of a decentralized digital asset? When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin into the world, we were also introduced into the realm of decentralization where, using Bitcoin as example, two willing peers can transact directly between each other on monetary terms without the need for a third party. It