Month: June 2020


The journey to a thousand digital miles begins with a single digital currency.  Whether we like it or not, the Information Age has already arrived with most of the world’s populations going online due to the series of lockdowns and quarantines brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that, fear aside, have suddenly halted peoples and


What we don’t know yet can drive us smart Ethereum and Ether. (June 22, 2020) – Ethereum is a decentralized software platform running as an open-source on blockchain where developers can build, publish, and run any kind of distributed applications (DApps) that they can think of. According to its whitepaper, Ethereum can be used to

COPE UP OR PACK UP: Traditional Financial Institutions Scamper To Become Digital Currency-Enabled Custodians

Countries worldwide, in a bid to be ahead of the digital financial game, are coming up with their own government policies and regulations in “taming the wild horses” that are majorly disrupting incumbent exchanges. Traditional financial institutions are left to decide while FinTechs are already miles away. China. In an unprecedented move, the government of


The Disruptor Has Become The Game Changer This Time in the World of Trade Finance Since the hype that Bitcoin created in 2009, much has been written, researched, discussed, said, and talked about the Blockchain technology blueprint that it was built on. And since then it never ceased to amaze and dominate headlines that caught

New Stablecoin Enlightens Financial’s Many Unlit Roads

The Diaspora: Cause and Effect. Emerging technologies and globalization trigger the search for workers anywhere around the world best suited for the jobs at hand. Migrant workers from poor and developing countries fill up most of the labour force that comprises the infrastructure, agriculture, and manufacturing industries of rich and developed nations. The International Labor

Bitcoin’s Practical Uses

The Many Ways the Virtual Bitcoin Can Impact Your Financial Realities Bitcoin is the first legal tender of the virtual world, the medium of exchange in the digital space, or, simply put, the dough of the Internet. Its characteristics contrast in many ways to that of the fiat, the cold hard cash of the real

Blockchain Technology: The Driving Force Behind the Fintech Revolution

Is the world now giving way to the fourth industrial revolution? That seems to be undeniable as this revolution is right on its tracks heading into the superhighway led by the superstar blockchain technology. We are starting to witness a stream of bigtime traditional financial institutions turning from being hardline critics, fearful pessimists, to convinced